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Top Metrics that Measure Inbound Call Center Performance

  Front-facing employees are the lifeblood of a business. Being in the frontlines, they brave through the challenges that come with delivering great customer experience on a daily basis. According to a 2017 report from Microsoft, 97% of global consumers say customer...

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The future of sales: 6 skills every B2B sales rep needs

  “So what happened next?” Last Saturday on the subway, I found myself accidentally eavesdropping on the group of strangers opposite me. The story being told was so compelling that I (almost) missed my stop in an attempt to hear the end. Stories have that effect on...

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8 Strategies for Effective Contact Center Management

 A contact center agent deals with stress on a daily basis, and it can get pretty taxing. But a contact center manager is no exception. The stakes have always been high and the pressure is on for the upper management. Imagine having to balance operational costs,...

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What is SIP Trunking?

 By 2018, American telco Verizon will have ceased its ISDN services—a platform for voice, video, and data exchange introduced in the ’80s by the CCITT—in the entire country; in the United Kingdom alone, ISDN lines have seen a decrease of 3 million from a statistical...

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Why Group Texting Just Isn’t Cutting It Anymore

  There are thousands of group texting mobile apps. From Facebook messenger to GroupMe and WhatsApp, everyone with a smartphone has likely used a group texting app at some point in their life.  Using group texting apps have made sense for a long time for a lot of...

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4 ways to start using the cloud to communicate

  The cloud can be a great way to consolidate your business technology so it's accessible, cost effective, and secure at all times right? The answer is essentially yes. Sounds great right? Ok sure, but how do you ACTUALLY use the cloud? The answer is you have to adopt...

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Refer a friend for additional savings!

Enter Your Information Enter Friend's Information By referring a friend to RingLeader™, you get 50% off one month's bill and your friend gets 50% off their first month's bill.* All your friend has to do is sign up. How it works: Enter in your friend's contact info by...

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SIP Trunking vs PRI: Top 5 reasons why SIP wins every time

SIP vs PRI has been a hotly contested debate for the past decade. For the past many years, the answer for which was better just depended on who you asked. Not anymore. The debate has settled and SIP has emerged the winner. However, before we delve into why SIP is the...

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Crowd Connect For First Responders

CROWD CONNECT - First Responders Depend on VoIP (FREDERICKSBURG, VA) In a crisis, which thousands of our local first responders encounter every day, nothing is more critical than accessing superior communication, voice quality, and coverage. Many of our nation’s first...

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