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Full Shoretel Integration

RingLeader is a
Powerful Solution for ShoreTel

RingLeader has a unique native integration with ShoreTel making it the perfect voice carrier for business of all sizes. RingLeader will reduce operation costs and improve workflows with highly customizable voice communications.

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For a limited time you can get started with RingLeader Carrier-Connectâ„¢ FREE for 30 days with a TestTrunk. See for yourself how powerful RingLeader can make your ShoreTel PBX.

Carrier-Connectâ„¢ Features

Native Integration with ShoreTel

Getting started is easier than ever with native integration.

Unlimited Users

RingLeader provides unlimited call paths meaning your size won’t limit you.

Unlimited Faxing

RingLeader has inbound AND outbound faxing enabled as a carrier service.

HD Voice Quality

Native integration ensures high quality voice travels over the internet without any latency.


We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Join a LIVE demo of RingLeader Carrier-Connectâ„¢ to see the most complete IP communications platform on the market today. From 100% secure SIP Trunking, to Internet Faxing, and Disaster Recovery, our platform can transform any business into a ready-to-scale enterprise at a moment’s notice. See it for yourself during a 30 minute live demo.

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

Whether you’re in the office or on the go, RingLeader makes it easy to bring your ShoreTel with you. With added value in disaster recovery and conferencing technology, RingLeader is the perfect pair with ShoreTel.

We’re ready to get started.